Patricia Hulin

My vision of the world is a conglomeration of interconnected forces and dynamic systems. These act on each other in poetic, spectacular or even insidious ways. I want to make art that is an energetic and meaningful exploration of this interconnectedness. As a sculptor I aspire to make forms that coexist seamlessly with architecture and the landscape.
The images I produce are a sort of montage rooted in naturalistic form. They derive from subliminal musing that imagine organic or natural shapes such as, piles of leaves or clumps of grass as figures or narratives. I am always working to find cohesion between these reflections by reconstituting them into new forms. I exploit a multiplicity of processes to make art that exposes correlations between the nuance of a form and its potential content. The meaning of which may be understood by me, or realized after the work is finished. I have a genuine interest in technical processes and an inclination to experiment. Additionally, I continue to advocate for public access to the means of production and new technological advances, through public facilities such as: shared studios, libraries, colleges and universities.